Frown,transverse forehead wrinkles and crow's feet.

For expression wrinkles found in the upper third of the face (between the(eyebrows, transverse forehead wrinkles and crow's feet) gallothe best treatment is botulinum toxin (Botox).

It is a protein that, infiltrated locally through a very fine needle, acts by relaxing the muscles. By blocking nerve impulses, it temporarily decreases the contraction of facial muscles, leaving the skin smooth and toned, correcting wrinkles and preventing their progression.

Depending on the patient, its duration is approximately 6 months.

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Ácido hialurónico

When we want to fill (not paralyse) deep wrinkles on the frown area, forehead wrinkles or any wrinkles or skin marks in the upper third, the filler treatment used consists of infiltrating hyaluronic acid. This improves skin tone and rehydrates the dermis thanks to its viscoelastic and hydrophilic qualities.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that our body produces naturally and is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated, its main function being to retain liquid, filling the dermis from within. However, over the years its concentration decreases and wrinkles appear.

As a general rule, the effect usually begins to be noticed 48 hours after the puncture, reaching full effectiveness around a week. Its duration will depend fundamentally on each patient, but it is approximately one year.

With the hyaluronic acid treatment we manage to hide wrinkles and stretch the skin, naturally achieving rejuvenating results.

>> Make an appointment at the clinic and we will give you a quote. Financing available.

Skin breaks and deep wrinkles between the eyebrows.


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