What are the dental prostheses?

La prostodoncia o prótesis dental es la rama de la odontología que se encarga del restablecimiento y mantenimiento de la función masticatoria, la comodidad, la estética y la salud del paciente mediante la restauración de los dientes naturales y/o la sustitución de piezas dentarias.

In modern society, deteriorating oral health and tooth loss are often due to caries and periodontal disease. Other causes include oral cancer, trauma, and movement disorders of the masticatory apparatus such as bruxism.

Fixed prosthetics on teeth

We call fixed prostheses the treatments carried out on worn, damaged or lost teeth to restore their function and aesthetics, as well as giving them greater resistance. They are treatments that require a previous preparation in the tooth, to later restore it in a fixed way.

In the case of using a fixed prosthesis to replace a lost tooth, bridges will be made to replace them, relying on the anterior and posterior tooth of the gap.

Fixed prostheses on implants

The prosthetics on dental implants are one of the best solutions that currently exist to replace lost pieces. Implant prostheses are fixed prostheses that, instead of being supported by natural teeth, are supported by dental implants that have been previously placed.

The materials from which the implants are made are totally biocompatible with the human body. In addition, they can last a lifetime as long as good hygiene habits are followed and they undergo the usual periodic check-ups to check their condition over time.

Fixed prostheses on implants

Removable prosthetics

The removable dental prosthesis is a treatment that is based on an external device, which is placed on the gum and serves to replace missing teeth.

The composition of dental prostheses is a metal base that gives it hardness and an acrylic component to have a masticatory function and facial aesthetics.

There is also the possibility that the prosthesis be entirely made of acrylic, according to the professional's instructions.


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