Experts in advanced oral surgery

Dental surgery is a specialty of dentistry that diagnoses and surgically treats pathologies and defects of the mouth and dental structure. Each of these interventions is performed by doctors specialized in oral surgery.

The oral surgeon must have in-depth knowledge of the basic sciences for his profession, such as anatomy, histology and physiology, as well as the most frequent nosological entities. 

Pre-prosthetic surgery

They are interventions that are carried out prior to the placement of a prosthesis. They consist of conditioning the gums or the maxillary or mandibular bone to facilitate a correct adaptation of the prosthesis. We can also include in this type of surgery the placement of bone grafts for the subsequent placement of implants.

Pre-prosthetic surgery is used to provide a better anatomical environment and create support structures for the dental prosthesis. To achieve the objective of this type of surgery, one of the most important parameters is the maximum preservation of the patient's soft and hard tissues.

Extraction of wisdom teeth

The fact of having wisdom teeth or third molars does not mean that they have to be extracted systematically. Not all the population has these molars, in fact the tendency is to disappear with the evolution of the human being.

In our clinic we are experts in this type of surgery, the surgeon will analyze each case individually evaluating the need or not to extract the piece.

Extraction of wisdom teeth

Other surgeries

Apicoectomies, coronary lengthening, frenectomies, dental fenestrations, torus and bone exostoses, oral lesions, abscesses, "phlegmons", cysts and granulomas.


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