La ortodoncia invisible (Invisalign) con alineadores es el tratamiento más innovador y cómodo que existe en la actualidad. Invisible ya que apenas se notarán y son muy sencillo de utilizar.
This treatment is capable of achieving great results without hardly feeling that you have undergone orthodontic treatment and without altering your daily life.
In its beginnings, it could only treat very simple cases, but thanks to the constant technological evolution of the system, an infinite number of cases can be treated, obtaining excellent results.

En la clínica Vilar-Sancho en Pozuelo de Alarcón, la ortodoncista posee gran experiencia con su título de Invisalign® proporcionando el mejor tratamiento que existe actualmente.

Ortodoncia Invisible Invisaling en Pozuelo de Alarcón

What is invisible orthodontic treatment?

Ortodoncia Invisible en Pozuelo de Alarcón

Invisalign es un tratamiento que consiste en una serie de alineadores o férulas transparentes removibles que son prácticamente invisibles. Durante las revisiones en la clínica se dan los alineadores totalmente personalizados que se cambian en casa  basándose en las instrucciones y consejos necesarios.
As they are changed, the teeth will move until they are fully aligned and in an ideal final position.

Invisible orthodontics in children

ortodoncia precio

Thanks to technological advances, it has been possible to develop techniques that allow to solve most of the infantile malocclusions with an aligner treatment. In this way we want to provide greater comfort, hygiene and less discomfort to the youngest members of the family.

ortodoncia precio

Invisible orthodontics in children

Invisible orthodontics in adults

Nowadays it is the most chosen treatment by adults thanks, not only to its aesthetics, but also to the comfort and life quality it provides. In most cases the movement of the teeth is the same as with braces, there are very few cases where the desired results cannot be achieved using this treatment.

After an orthodontic treatment (with brackets or aligners) it is always necessary to use retainers .The mouth is constantly changing and is subjected to all kinds of forces when chewing and speaking, creating small movements that over time end up displacing the teeth again. For this reason, once the orthodontic treatment is finished, a fixed and/or removable retainer will be put in place which must be used for the rest of your life.

Las principales ventajas de nuestro tratamiento Invisalign son:

• Esthetics: Hardly anyone will notice that you wear orthodontics.
• Comfort: Aligners can be removed for eating and drinking.
• Hygiene: As they can be removed, they allow you to brush your teeth normally.
• Discomfort: Not having wires is a less annoying treatment and less urgent.


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