What is dental aesthetics?

Currently, having a good smile is synonymous with health and social well-being. More and more patients are concerned about not only having a healthy mouth, but also a beautiful smile thanks to teeth whitening treatments.

Techniques such as orthodontics, tooth whitening, aesthetic fillings or porcelain veneers have undergone an evolution, oriented towards aesthetics, to meet the current demands of the population. Nowadays it is possible to carry out from a simple tooth whitening, to the complete replacement of all the teeth by means of implantological techniques.

Dental veneers

The veneers are considered the treatment par excellence within the field of aesthetic dentistry. They are indicated in cases where the anterior teeth do not have adequate aesthetics or function.

The most used types of veneers are the following:

  • Ceramic or porcelain veneers.
  • Composite veneers..

We will advise you on the most suitable option for you.

Crowns and inlays

What is a dental inlay?

In our clinic we resort to the placement of ceramic or porcelain crowns or also called "caps" when the teeth are very destroyed, worn or have previously been heavily treated.

The reconstruction of a tooth that has suffered great destruction due to a moderate or severe carious process, a fracture, an old filling, wear due to bruxism or an erosive process, etc. encompasses different therapeutic options. Among them, the replacement of the lost fragment by means of a dental inlay stands out.

This type of restoration is the most conservative treatment when it comes to returning lost dental tissue since they are defect-oriented restorations.

Thanks to the adhesive cementation technology of ceramic or resin-based materials, missing tooth tissue can be replaced by adhesively affixing a partial restoration to the remaining tooth substance.

Crowns and inlays

Teeth whitening

The demand for treatments to achieve more beautiful and whiter teeth has increased tremendously in recent years. Tooth whitening is an aesthetic procedure that is increasingly used to achieve much more aesthetic, white and pleasant smiles.

This dental treatment is considered very simple, conservative, widely accepted by patients and with the aim of achieving great visible aesthetic results from the first day.

All whitening treatments must begin with a study since, when changing the color of the teeth, it is necessary to know the dental and systemic pathologies that may have contributed to establishing the current color of your teeth and to carry it out correctly. safely should be a personalized treatment.


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