A beautiful smile restores your confidence

Orthodontics is responsible for building beautiful smiles by bringing teeth, lips and maxillary bones into harmony. Depending on the age and malocclusion problems, different specific treatments will be carried out for each patient.
The correct placement of the teeth guarantees a better quality of life, recovering the smile and allowing a good functioning of the teeth.

Orthopedic treatments

Dentofacial orthopedics is responsible for guiding facial growth through functional devices that focus on the development of the maxillary and mandibular bones. Correct control of bone growth will allow a better eruption of the teeth.

Es importante realizar un estudio fotográfico y radiográfico para poder determinar cuál es el aparato ideal. Gracias a los avances tecnológicos podemos tratar casi todos los casos mediante tratamiento de ortodoncia invisible garantizando así mayor comodidad para los más pequeños En la clínica Vilar- Sancho la ortodoncista posee gran experiencia con su título de Invisalign® , providing the best treatment for your child.

Orthodontic treatments

In adulthood we can no longer move the bones, so we carry out treatments where we focus on the movement of the teeth to improve aesthetics, bite and dental hygiene.
The movement of the teeth is carried out by means of a treatment with brackets (metal or aesthetic) or invisible orthodontics, depending on the type of malocclusion and the patient's preferences. Orthodontic treatment can last 12, 18 or 24 months depending on the path the teeth have to take through the alveolar bone, always respecting the biology of each patient. At the Vilar-Sancho clinic, the orthodontist has extensive experience due to her training in Invisalign® , which means that she's able to offer the best treatment currently available.

Orthodontic treatments

Orthognathic surgery

Mandibular or maxillary alterations in adult patients, which cause functional problems, cannot be corrected by orthodontics alone. ( Creo que suena màs explìcito de esta manera) Therefore it is recommended to have a surgical intervention with a maxillofacial surgeon where the perfect balance is achieved by means of bone movements.

Treatments usually last approximately 2 years, combining orthodontics with bone surgery.


It's never too late. We can correct the position of the teeth at any age. We have successfully treated children and adults of all ages. It is always possible to improve anyone's smile. But to carry out a correct orthodontic treatment it is necessary to start it with healthy teeth and gums, without cavities and without inflammation.


We recommend avoiding hard foods that can damage dental appliances and cause them to detach. We must avoid certain habits such as nail biting. Every time an appliance is damaged we must visit the orthodontist and the treatment can take longer.

The orthodontist will provide you with a kit with the instruments you need to care for your dental appliances and hygiene instructions for more thorough cleaning.

After an orthodontic treatment (with brackets or aligners) it is always necessary to use retainers .The mouth is constantly changing and is subjected to all kinds of forces when chewing and speaking, creating small movements that over time end up displacing the teeth again. For this reason, once the orthodontic treatment is finished, a fixed and/or removable retainer will be put in place which must be used for the rest of your life.

The duration of the orthodontic treatment will depend on the complexity of the case, but without a doubt, the best age to influence the movement of the teeth is during the growth stage. During this period it is easy to correct the possible defects that patients present.

Planning requires certain therapeutic objectives, which will vary according to a series of factors such as the age of the person, the characteristics of the teeht or the stage of growth they are in, among others.


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